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Bauhistorisches Fenster 1

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Historic Window 1

After the damage caused by the War of the Grand Alliance the whole site was extended by the construction of the North Wing in the years 1694 and 1695 (d). Two pavilion-like corner buildings were erected on both ends of the North and North-West Wings which led to a magnificent view from the Rhine side of the building, which is depicted in the town view painting by Goswin Klöcker in 1742.

The excavation area offers an insight into the different room configurations. The grey architectural accentuation with a black contour coat to the whitewashed roofs and walls from around the time 1695 was repeated in a subsequent renovation. Shown here is the third version, presumably before 1800, which features a linear and floral painting as well as an architectural accentuating painting between the two light grey strips with the accompanying black line on a light red background. Even in the subsequent fourth version, the window recesses were colourfully painted.

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