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Bauhistorisches Fenster 3

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Historic Window 3

The South Wing, erected in 1672 (d), and the equally much-changed West Wing from around 1340 (d), which once formed the toll house, were made accessible thanks to the stairwell. The constructor of the building was the Archbishop of Trier, Karl Kaspar von der Leyen, whose coat of arms decorated the entrance to the stairwell from the courtyard, as well as originally the gateway to the courtyard in the West Wing.

The window recess was rendered with a lime-straw mortar and a layer of fine lime plaster. It shows the layers of paint after the completion of the whole complex and belongs chronologically to the formation of the so-called ‘Cologne Ceilings’ in the adjacent rooms. The grey frame around the window with a narrow black contour coat forms the first baroque spatial composition. Additionally the stairwell was painted lime white. A similarly grey plinth with a black, approximately 1-centimetre-wide contour coat also stood here, up to 32 centimetres in height.

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