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Bauhistorisches Fenster 9


Historic Window 9

The south-western edge of the eastern pavilion-like corner of the North Wing, which was erected in 1694 and 1695 (d) after the damage caused by the War of the Grand Alliance, was partially covered by a roof through the later addition of the East Wing. Because of this, remnants of the original colour with its painted ashlar edges have been preserved.

The painted ashlar edges show an alternating pattern of large and small cut stones with a narrow black contour coat. The ashlar stones have a height of approximately 28 centimetres. Two stone widths of approx. 28 and 40 centimetres can be seen. The wooden cornice on the turret was painted grey, whereby the colour also spans the adjacent plaster edge.

This external appearance can also be seen on the large town view painting by Goswin Klöcker from the year 1742, which can be viewed in the town history exhibition.

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