Kastell Boppard from being a component of the Roman defensive line on the Rhine to becoming an autonomous city

How to find us and opening hours

Museum Boppard – Römer in Boppard
Karmeliterstraße 7

56154 Boppard am Rhein

Tel: 0 67 42-801 59 84

Closure of the town hall, village community centres, youth rooms, town library, museum and tourist information.

In order to contain and slow down the further spread of the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), Mayor Dr. Walter Bersch has decided to close city houses and halls first of all until April 10th for events, meetings, training and practice hours and other uses. The museum in the Electoral Castle and the city library will also be closed.

The Tourist Information will only be available by phone 06742 – 3888 or by mail tourist@boppard.de.

With this step, the city of Boppard follows the recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute and supports the efforts of society as a whole to prevent infections in public areas.

Mayor Dr. Walter Bersch asks for understanding and support.

Entry to the “Romans in Boppard” exhibit presented by Museum Boppard is free.


Room 1

The Roman fortress in Boppard.

Room 1

Room 2

About Roman life in Boppard

Room 2

Additional Audio Content

qr codeWhenever you see such a QR code on an exhibit, we have provided some extra audio on the topic for you. Just point the camera of your smartphone at it and follow the link. (Or look look it up in the list, where you can find all audio files in one place)


Sponsor: Stadt Boppard
Concept, Project Management: Kultur-Büro AHB Dr. Wolfgang Fritzsche, Ginsheim-Gustavsburg
Content scientific design: Johann Schrempp M.A. Archäologie & Bauforschung, Kirchzarten-Zarten
Exhibition design: Peter Kneip DWB, Innenarchitekt, Mainz
Webdesign: Günther Mulder gmulder, UX & Text für interaktive Medien, Mainz
Exhibition graphics: Manfred Nachtigal, Gelnhausen
Illustrations: Joe Rohrer, Wissenschaftlicher Illustrator FH, Luzern Schweiz
Copy: Dr. Wolfgang Fritzsche und Johann Schrempp
Anthropological investigations: Carola Berszin M.A., Konstanz
Restauration of objects: Renate Frölich Restaurierungsatelier, Mainz
Audio: Thurig Tonstudio, Mainz
Translations: Lingua-World GmbH, Köln
Construction exhibition furniture: Latz und Kunz Holzwerkstätte GbR, Bingen